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Radiant Heating Guidance

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Where it is impractical or uneconomical to heat the whole area but workforce comfort requires heating, radiant heating can be very effective.

A 3 KW radiant heater still contributes 3 KW of heat to the room but radiant heat transfers to the surfaces which are visible or in a direct line of sight to the element of the heater, without heating the air on the way. The closer the person or surface is to the heater the greater the heating effect. Half the distance from the heater results in four times the heating intensity. A better understanding of this principle can be gained from reference to radiant heating where this is better described.

For workshop, warehouse and exhibition use, radiant heating is a excellent solution. The principal disadvantage of radiant heating for comfort is found where staff are involved in sedentary work. The side of the person away from the heater can feel cold. This is normal and makes it important to locate the heaters suitably to provide more even heating and comfort levels.

Power supply considerations are the same for all electric heaters whether pure convector radiators, warm air blowers or radiant type. Refer to the section on power supplies for electric heaters under electric convector heaters.

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