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Aircon Hire Ltd Operating Instructions

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Aircon Hire Ltd staff are committed to ensuring that you enjoy the full benefit of the air conditioner, dehumidifier, heater or fan which you hire from us. The safe and effective use of this equipment is important to both of us.
The purpose of this site is to give you easy access to everything you need to know about the operation and application of the equipment hired.
At time of delivery the correct operation and best location of the equipment will be explained to those present, however, we recognise that others in your organisation may need to familiarise themselves with the use of the equipment and reference to this site will be helpful.

More information on the products and services provided by Aircon Hire Ltd is available on our main company website or by calling us on 0800 1694768.

Below is a list of the equipment models for which there are specific instruction sheets. Click on the selected model for full instructions or use the menu above for general advice on the use of air conditioners, dehumidifiers etc.
Air Conditioners - click on your model
Monobloc PM38Q PM38Q Operating instructions Split RCS6000 RCS6000 Operating instructions
Industrial MCM20 MCM20 Operating instructions Industrial TC21 TC21 Operating instructions
Sumo JR evaporative cooler Sumo JR Operating instructions

Routine Maintenance

Some routine maintenance during the hire period may be required to keep the unit effective and efficient and it is always a good idea to nominate a responsible person to see that this is not overlooked. Long hours of operation in a dusty environment without filter cleaning can reduce the output of air conditioning equipment to a fraction of design performance.

If you need us to visit regularly to complete checks and routine maintenance then this is available at an agreed additional cost.


If you are in any doubt about the correct and safe use of the equipment hired then call us on 0800 1694768 and we will be pleased to advise on the phone or make a service call to you.


Unnecessary callouts are chargeable at 50 + VAT and to keep your costs down we advise reference to the information on this site, in the first instance. Helpful advice is available on the telephone in most instances this will be adequate. You can immediately speak to someone who is familiar with the correct operation of the equipment hired and our technical knowledge is second to none.

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