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Fan Use Guidance

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The use of fans to cool equipment and people is well understood and needs little explanation. If you are expecting fans to keep computer equipment cool in hot office locations then some care needs to be taken.

The way in which fans cool people is by increasing evaporation rates from our skin to increase the cooling of the skin but this does not apply to computers equipment. Computer casings all have cooling fans included to reduce the temperature within the casing. To achieve the desired effect it is important to enhance the air flow through the equipment casing and not reduce it so it is important to locate the fan(s) correctly. The best that can be achieved is to bring the inside cabinet temperature down towards the surrounding ambient temperature. If this is still too high then cooling must be added.

Fans all have protective grills on each side but care must be taken to ensure that clothes, curtains or other fabrics cannot be drawn into the fan or block the air flow as this could be dangerous and may damage the machine by causing overheating of the motor.

Variable speed fans should be started at high speed to avoid heavy current loads for an extended time while the fan accelerates to set speed.

Noise level of fans will vary depending on a number of factors. For quiet operation at a given performance (air volume) the following will be helpful:-

      • Lower fan speeds
      • Larger diameter fans
      • well designed fan blades (aerofoil section blades)
      • Quiet motor design
If low noise level is important to you then be sure to tell us at time of hire. View our range of equipment and prices at Aircon Hire Ltd.
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